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'" Curious, Torine did a quick search to see how many air conditioner repair companies he could find in Morris County: more than 75 during a three minute Google search, he said. So what was taking so long?After two more weeks, the warranty company found a new repairman. He arrived on May 30. Torine said he paid his $100 deductible, and the repairman diagnosed the problem and called Sears to explain what parts would be needed before he left Torine's home. But subsequent calls to the warranty company for updates were troubling. Some representatives apologized, others promised he would get a call back in a day. Still others suggested he find his own repair service, and one even said there was no record of the parts order, he said. Throughout, no one reached out to Torine to give him an update, he said. By June 20, there was news. "They said the parts are in, but 'far away' and it costs $300 to deliver to my house," Torine said. "I asked when and how will that happen.

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A home warranty covers costly home repairs and replacements due to normal everyday use.

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Date Title Description
December 1, 2010 average cost of home warranty plans Improper installation, code violations, lack of maintenance are the key top three.
November 28, 2010 home warranty insurance for appliances As soon as the suit was filed, then and only then did the warranty company settle for the entire claim plus legal costs.
November 23, 2010 home warranty insurance vic cost However, some complaints about refusing to cover some claims has brought down their overall score in both our review and the BBB.
November 21, 2010 home warranty companies reviews florida You need more Robert's on your phone line and ditch the rude CSR not worth the negative feedback.

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A home warranty plan is a valuable investment that ensures your home and appliances are always in safe and working condition, no matter how much wear and tear they’ve sustained over time. More…

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So we went back and forth and Metro Rooter's rep said that they were doing business under some other name, Mr. More…

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Back at Torino's home, the air conditioner was fixed and he was happy with the repair person. More…